Sunday, June 14, 2009

Graduation day.

I spent the morning and afternoon with dear friends, a family of three. The occasion? The graduation from high school of youngest of my friends. Wow! Already?! Before she headed off with her classmates on the bus for a white water rafting adventure, she shone. She shimmered with an inner light. It seemed to be the light of excitement of feeling so grown, of watching the opening of the world right before her, ready for her to reach out and watch it fall into her hand.

As I watched today's ceremony, I thought about what I felt during my high school graduation. I remember feeling very grown-up, excited about going off to college. At the same time, I remember feeling that there were so many questions I thought I was supposed to be able to answer and I didn't even know what the questions were. I wonder if the people who watched me thought I shimmered, too.

It was delightful to see this large group of young people, so excited about what they have achieved, so ready to continue into the next part of their lives. They were so full of energy, so ready to get going. The speakers spoke from their hearts, with humor, kindness and intelligence.

The morning's brunch with my friends and their other friends was a time of laughter, tale telling, of taking of photos. It was time for trying on the cap and gown--again--twirling and looking beautiful.

What a lovely day. Spending time with friends, and with friends of friends, is also lovely. Thank you, Universe.

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