Sunday, June 14, 2009

More on HS graduation.

After thinking about high school graduations, I thought I could post my senior picture. The man who took the photo kept trying to talk me into airbrushing the braces out of the photo. My reply was, "the braces are part of who I am right now". Looking at the photo now, I'd forgotten how much I really needed orthodontic work.
The photos for yearbooks today are so different than those from "my day" (Oh please, Jo-an! Listen to yourself!) No "leaning against a tree" photos. All the photos were male or female versions of mine. Guys in jacket and tie; girls in sweater or dress. Period. But then we weren't allowed to wear pants to school either. Like we couldn't learn if our knees were covered! What was THAT about?
As soon as I hit college, the jeans came out of the closet and have been daily companions in my life.

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  1. So cool to see 18 year old Jo-an! Beautiful, braces and all! Your hair is AMAZING. Yes, how the dress codes have changed!!! I remember the only time we were allowed to wear pants in grade school was on very cold winter days - we wore them under our skirts for the walks to and from school, then had to yank them off for class!! AbSURD.