Thursday, June 4, 2009

Have to start somewhere...

Dinnertime on a Thursday evening is as good a time as any to begin a new venture. The gold finches and mourning doves are busy outside my window, stocking up on food to tide them over for the night. Lazarus had been trying to sit in my lap, as he usually does when I'm at the computer. But he's given up now and curled himself into the low chair. It's the easiest for him to get into these days.
I'm hoping to get a walk in today though I can't avoid noticing that the day is fast disappearing. Even if I only go a shorter distance than I'd thought earlier it's better than not going at all. Before dinner is better (and more likely) than after. All right. Here I go....


  1. hi jo-an! congratulations on your new blog! looking forward to hearing your true tails! xxoo

  2. Hi Martha! I'm pretty slow at this. I had been avoiding working on it so I missed your comments [and spelling notes :)].